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Santa Clara Montessori's classroom is thoughtfully designed to support self-directed exploration and maximize learning experiences for a small student community. The school provides a carefully prepared, aesthetically pleasing environment characterized by an orderly arrangement of sequential learning materials that are developmentally appropriate and naturally appealing to children. Each subject area has hands-on, experiential, and self-correcting materials that spark the child’s innate curiosity to learn.

The curriculum at Santa Clara Montessori is often translated into classroom activities and cultural celebrations throughout the school year.  To facilitate this unique educational experience, teachers of Santa Clara Montessori prepare and adapt the environment to match children’s readiness and needs, both for each age group and for each individual child. Additionally, they are trained to be keen observers of children in order to time and optimize lessons or activities to make the most of learning moments.  Santa Clara Montessori curriculum incorporates the following unique characteristics.

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