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The Montessori Method

What is the Montessori Method?

Maria Montessori created the educational approach known as the Montessori Method. The method suggests that children are innately curious about the world and that they can start learning on their own when placed in a carefully planned learning environment. According to these beliefs, the Montessori Method gives children full control over what they learn.​

The Benefits of the Montessori Method

  • Montessori education values each child as a unique individual.

  • Montessori children learn to respect others, classroom materials, and the environment that they live in.

  • Multiage group setting develops a sense of community

  • Montessori children enjoy freedom within limits

  • a “prepared environment” supports children to become active seekers of knowledge

  • Self-correction and self – assessment are an essential part of the Montessori approach

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The Role of the Teacher

Within the Montessori Method, the role of the teacher is passive and serves as a guide for the children. The children choose the material or concept he/she wants to work on, as opposed to the Traditional Method where the teacher plays an active role and sets the direction of the class, and selects the material for the child to work on. Teachers build an atmosphere of calm and order and encourage children in all their efforts. With younger children, a Montessori Teacher plays a little more active role in presenting activities but maintains a balance as to when to intervene and when to allow the children to explore. 

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Classroom Design

The Montessori Method emphasizes that children are taught through “touch and feel” using materials that provide the child with the ability to discriminate physical dimensions, provide self-correction, and teach coordination unlike the Traditional Method of education that focuses on books, charts, and instructions from the teachers.


Children can freely move around in the environment, work on materials of his/her choice, and talk freely as long as they are not disturbing other children rather than sitting at a desk, working on the material chosen by the teacher.

The Montessori Method allows the child to choose the material to work on and does not impose a time limit on how long a child can work on it, this allows the child to master the material before he/she moves on.

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